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If you're like most people when it comes to shopping for a supplement to Medicare, it can be confusing. So many companies and choices to make in regards plans. Unlike most web sites, you are not require to input any personal information to receive a quote. No agent will call on you and you can see the best rates available with a click. It easy, updated daily and if you decide on a plan, simply give us a call to start the process. It's that simple!

Plan F vs Plan G

Choosing between Medigap Plan F and G


Medigap Plan G is a high-benefit plan that is commonly overlooked for the more-popular Plan F. However, Plan G is very similar to Plan F and may be cheaper in some cases.

According to 2014 enrollment data, Plan F is almost 10 times as popular as Plan G even though the two provide nearly identical coverage. The only benefit Plan F includes that Plan G does not include is the $166 annual Medicare Part B deductible (in 2016).

If you’re getting a quote for Plan F, it may be smart to also get a quote for Plan G. If the Plan F monthly premium is at least $14 higher than the Plan G monthly premium, you would be overpaying for the Part B deductible benefit, and Plan G may be the better deal.


Part D enrollment

It's that time of year again! Part D Enrollment starts on Oct. 15th and runs thru Dec. 7th. Give us a call and we can help you find the right Prescription Coverage for 2017. There is no charge for this service. We can also give you an up to date premium comparison on your Medicare Supplement Coverage. We have access to over 300 Insurance Carriers and you are always going to get the best price.

Medicare Specialist

We take pride in the fact that we are Medicare Specialists. We review the Medicare Supplements on an on-going basis. This assures our clients the best coverage for the least amount of money and we keep them abreast of any crucial change in the Medicare program.